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The best advice
comes from friends.

Think of us as your friend. Your friend who knows a ton
about skincare and wants to talk about it whenever you do.

When it comes to skincare, most guys don't talk about it with their friends. This puts us way behind the eight ball when it comes to caring for our skin properly.

After taking the hard road to find men's skincare products that work for us—late-night internet wormholes, pushy salespeople, and way too much trial and error—we decided to build a better way.

Personalized men’s skincare routine
Every Bottlecode experience is personalized.
We're problem solvers.
No matter your skincare concerns,
from acne to aging, we'll work to find a
solution that works for you.
We're honest.
We're honest—the skincare world is
full of BS and avoiding it requires a
ton of research. We do that work so
you don't have to.
We keep things simple.
From scheduling a shipment to
chatting with a men's skincare expert,
every experience with Bottlecode is
simple and seamless.
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