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Brand Spotlight
Perricone MD

High-end, high-potency skincare with serious credentials.

Proven Ingredients

Why we're big fans:

There's premium skincare, and then there's ultra-premium skincare like Perricone MD. We like that they've got serious scientific credentials and a long history of success, and their High Potency Classics line are some of our favorite anti-aging products on the market. Not everything from Perricone lives up to the price, but the heavy hitters are undeniably great and loved throughout the skincare industry.

The brand story:

Skincare rooted in scientific expertise, founded by dermatologist and nutrition specialist Nicholas Perricone. Instead of just offering skin products, they believe in a full-spectrum approach to healthy skin (diet, nutrition supplements, and topical skincare) all rooted around the idea of eliminating skin inflammation through antioxidant-rich components, having been one of the pioneers in research between inflammation, its causes, and resulting skin damage. They're a time-tested expert brand with serious credentials and decades of science, study, and knowledge behind every product — a nice change of pace in a startup-saturated market.

Expert Note

Perricone's Vitamin C SPF is the perfect product for preventing and fading dark spots.

Morgan | Skincare Expert
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